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DID YOU MISS LIMING LAST Fall? There is still time to adjust that pH with Bio-Active Liquid Calcium +BioActivator( which is 52 trace mineral, high carbon energy & Humic acid ) which is the modern way and easy way to apply calcium, required trace minerals and energy on your PASTURES , PLOTS and Row CROPS, to adjust the the pH by increasing calcium saturation and providing trace minerals.

Agritec'Foliar program of BioLiquid Calcium + GRO-ENERGIZER has proven to increase production from 20% to 35%. BioLiquid Calcium Also allows you to use 30% to 40% less commercial fertilizer and nitrogen

I am very impressed with youir Advance Cal . I have 14 acres that I can now graze 20 head of cows on. If it wasnt for you product I know I couldn't do that. Wayland Burns Canton Tx 2017

Well, just wanted to call and tell you this stuff really work. I have tried half dozen other and through my money away.but your Liquid Calcium and Gro really did a number on my grass. Thank you. John S Woodville Tx. Spring 2016

"Our soil is less than ideal for growing crops here in TX. We had tried all kinds of different products to get our soil conditions up with little success. Then when tried some of Clean Green products and they made a world of difference! There products improved our soil so much that we now grow some of the best crops in the region! Our favorite products are HA-12 and BioActivator . You simply can't find a better product for the money that works this well!" -Jake, TX Farmer

Soil pH effect on plant response A soil pH(CaCl2 calcium chloride) of 5.2 to 8.0 provides optimum conditions for most agricultural plants (Figure 1). All plants are affected by the extremes of pH but there is wide variation in their tolerance of acidity and alkalinity.

Texas Agricultural Extension, Texas, A & M University System.
"The increased ammonium absorption caused by calcium has interesting results. Photosynthesis increases and greater amounts of carbon dioxide are captured by the plant from the air, which increases the plant's organic building blocks...."

Rutgers University Foliar Calcium Benefits ....Win Cowgill, Agricultural Agent. 
"There are many calcium products promoted by industry as substitutes for Calcium Chloride (CaCl2). However extensive research and comparison of these products has yet to show an advantage over Calcium Chloride because it is one of the richest forms of calcium at the cheapest price


"I put the 55 gal Liquid Calcium and BioActivator on my worst fields, well I am here to say that field look as good or better than my best hay fields, that why I am ordering a tote of Liquid Calcium an enough BioActivator for all my fields. Never seen anything work like this." Ron R 2017

Rob, My fecue,and orchard grass fields no longer have broom sage or weeds. The hay was so thick I had trouble cutting it. That's why I need some more liquid calcium for my Bermuda field it just doesn't look good. I don't want just the liquid Calcium I want it loaded with the BioActivator. Robert T Ar 2017

BioLiquid Calcium and BioActivator is FOLIAR also and IS 100% AVAILABLE TO THE PLANT AND GOES IN 6X FASTER TO DEVELEOP THE CELL STRUCTURE AND raised the SOIL.pH. BioLiquid Calcium is very effective applies folair . 

Hay and pasture 
If your having weed problems then your soil may have low pH, BioLiquid Calcium can help solve this problem by raising the pH.

Well Rob, you said this would get rid of my broom straw weeds and bring up my soil pH, it did just what you said it would on 10 acres so I am ordering 110 gal to use on my other fields. I want to try your BioActivator next. Martin T 2016

Jonathan, those two totes of liquid Calcium I bought from you did wonders on my pastures. I haven't ever seen anything like it. My neighbors keep asking me what in the world did I do to my pastures and fields, it completely killed all my weeds. This is the best hay I have every had. My friends and neighbors will be calling you, I am telling everyone. Charles S Tn 2017

Boost your cover crop growth while adjusting that soil pH. 
The effective use of calcium chloride .... sprays may be the most cost-effective, quickest cultural practice for reducing low-calcium physiological disorders.... \ We recommend applying 3 to 5 (Gallons ) pounds of calcium chloride per acre per season in six to eight cover sprays. Calcium in the form of calcium chloride is recommended because of its proven effectiveness and lower cost........ it is important to make sure you develop a season-long program for applying sufficient total amounts of elemental calcium. Penn State Extention

"Wow! I was totally surprised with the results I got my first year using CleanGreen's
Liquid Calcium and Gro- Humic! My father was very skeptical at first but we decided to give
it a try with 5 totes of Calcium and a tote of humic on our Burmuda worked so
well within two weeks we could see the difference between the area we sprayed with Calcium
and the fields we did not! Needless to say dad was convinced and now we order Calcium
by the truck loads! Best investment we have made!" Jared S Ok

Bio-Active Liquid Calcium +BioActivator (which is a combination of 52 essential trace minerals,high carbon energy ) it's is the modern and easy way to apply 100% available calcium. It works within 35 minutes of application to supply needed calcium, required trace minerals, Special formulated 12% slow release nitrogen and carbon energy for maximum growth of your ROW CROPS, PASTURES, WHEAT, OATS,and RYE. To adjust the the pH by increasing calcium saturation levels.

My hay production has doubled on the fields I applied your Advance cal on. I am going to apply it to all my fields, that's why I have doubled my order this year. Dwain J Maddison 2017 

Why apply lime that takes 9 to 11 months to start working and cost more when you can apply ProCal and start changing you soil p-H immediately.

Bio-Active Liquid Calcium is the modern and easy way to apply calcium, required trace minerals, nitrogen and energy on your for bring up your soil pH and calcium saturation levels. To adjust the the pH by increasing calcium saturation and providing trace minerals.

Why use tons of lime on your fields that won't be available to your soil or plant for six to eleven months or more when you can use 3 gal of Bio-Active Liquid Calcium per acre which is 100% available after being applied.

Add our BioActivator to your winter program. Users have seen up to a 45% increase in production. 

Our BioActivator and high carbon treated Soybeans simply out-performed our commercial fertilized fields. -IA Farmer

For only $9.50 an acre I used BioActivator and grew phenomenal wheat! - Kansas Farmer
This product is going to revolutionize farming. - Georgia Extension Agent
We saved over 50% on the cost of fertilizers on our crops by using Liquid calcium - Nebraska Farmer
University research has proven Liquid Calcium, causes the nutrients in your soil to be 44% more available to your plants
Cut your nitrogen requirements by 50%.

We used the liquid calcium on our food plots over two months ago and did not get rain Till just recently even after the turkeys and dove had there way with our seed to our amazement a good amount of what we planted still came up not long after it rained
Question, do we need to reapply before we plant in spring 
Thanks Robert Taylor 2016

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